ClubMac, the Irish Macintosh Users Group, was formed in the mists of time, well, at least, at some point in the last century. It was set up by a small group of enthusiasts who were eager to learn more about the new Mac platform. Meetings of the club were held every month (from September to May — which have continued up to recent times) at which speakers shared their knowledge of Apple Mac hardware and software developments. The club originally focused on the Mac but with new developments extended its coverage to include iPods, iPads, iPhones and Apple Watch.

The meetings were more than just a discussion of technical issues; they also had a very important social component (helped no doubt by the availability of sandwiches, snacks and soft drinks) and newcomers were always made to feel welcome.

Not long after the establishment of ClubMac other Mac user groups spread up around the country — including one in Sneem, Co. Kerry. Before the advent of the Web, Apple Mac User Groups played a very important information dissemination role. Sadly, one by one, they closed their doors and it is now likely that ClubMac will follow suit.

Running a voluntary organisation such as ClubMac takes a great deal of time and effort, inputs that sometimes the ordinary members are not fully aware of or appreciate. The Management Committee is made up of individuals who have given a great deal of energy and commitment to the club over the years. Faced with declining membership and falling meeting attendances, they feel they have made their contribution and no longer wish to continue. All of the Committee members have tendered their resignations. To date, efforts to find a replacement Management Committee have not yielded any results.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, the membership took the decision to wind down the club. The ClubMac web site and bulletin board will shut down on October 31st. The club’s Facebook page is also being stood down.

The closure of ClubMac which has served its membership well and faithfully for so many years is sad but inevitable given the wealth of resources on all things Mac that now exists on the Internet.