About ClubMac

ClubMac is the largest Irish Macintosh users group. Formed in the mists of time (actually, over 20 years ago), ClubMac has established itself as the most active mac users group in Ireland. Some of the founding members are still actively involved in the club: Garrett Wren, take a bow!

The purpose of ClubMac is to provide a forum for people who use Macs for work or pleasure (or both) so they can meet like-minded people and learn more about using their computer. We have over 50 members and, additionally, 450 people follow us via our bulletin board.

The club is run by an energetic management committee who are responsible for organising the monthly meetings which take place between September and May. The committee also looks after operation of the ClubMac web site.

Monthly meetings: the focal point of our activities

The main activities of ClubMac are our monthly meetings in which we endeavour to have presentations from guests and members on topics relevant to the Mac. We have had presenations from Apple (of course), Microsoft and Adobe as well as Apple dealers. Galmac Computers who are based in Galway offer a special discount to club members on purchases of hardware and software.

In recent months, the Club has experimented with providing entry-level training to those new to the Mac or to those who simply want to upgrade their skills.

ClubMac meetings normally take place on the first Wednesday of every month (with the exception of January: the second Wednesday of the month).

Directions to ClubMac

ClubMac meetings take place in Merrion Cricket Club, which is located on Anglesea Road at the intersection with Simmonscourt Road; check out this Google map for directions.

Current help topics

At our monthly meetings, we discuss issues affecting our members in our Technical Q&A sessions. Here's a selection of recent topics:

  • Printing black/white copies from a colour laser printer
  • Fixing permissions to allow access to a folder
  • Problems with blank pages being printed by FileMaker
  • Solutions to problems with file sharing with Skype

Buying a mac?

Please support our favourite Apple dealers, Galmac Computers, Steam Solutions and CompuB, who provide club members with a 3% discount on hardware and software purchases as well as repairs.