What is ClubMac?

ClubMac is for people who are interested in the Apple Mac platform. We provide an opportunity for people new to Apple computers (as well as experienced hands) to meet and to learn how to get the best out of their Mac in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

At our monthly meetings — which take place on the first Wednesday of every month between September and May — we aim to answer questions that people may have with their Mac, provide them with up-to-date news on all things Apple and inform them about those little-known but often very useful software applications.

ClubMac’s bulletin board is also a very important resource; if you’ve got a problem, post it on the bulletin board (you must register first — it’s free) and our helpful band of Apple gurus will do their best to sort you out.

ClubMac’s next meeting is on October 1

ClubMac meeting: 1 October 2014
ClubMac’s next monthly meeting will take place on October 1 in Merrion Cricket Club, where the club house has been extensively upgraded following the flooding in 2011.

The agenda for the meeting will be announced shortly.

Congratulations to
Gary Costello

Well done to Gary Costelloo who was elected to the Management Committee at the recent AGM.

We also say thank you to John Maguire who is stepping down as Chairman.

ClubMac has a new trainer

ClubMac is pleased to announce that Committee member, Richard Bannister, has agreed to present a training session at the start of each monthly meeting.